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Join us for CaCCCHE's Fall 2020 HOPIN Conference: Friday, October 30, 2020 from 10 AM to 4 PM PDT

Hosted by the CaCCCHE Executive Board

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Free for current members, $50 non-members

PROMO CaCCCHE Fall 2020 HOPIN Conf feat Andew Joviette w Headshot and Bio


Dr. Andrew Jolivétte (Atakapa-Ishak Nation of Louisiana [Tsikip/Opelousa/Heron Clan]) is Professor and Chair-Elect of the Ethnic Studies Department at UC San Diego as well as the inaugural founding Director of Native American and Indigenous Studies at UCSD. He is the author or editor of publications including the Lammy Award nominated, Indian Blood: HIV and Colonial Trauma in San Francisco’s Two-Spirit Community. His scholarship examines Native American, Indigenous, Creole, Black, Latinx, Queer, Mixed-Race, and Comparative Critical Ethnic Studies.



Conference Flow: 10 AM - CaCCCHE Welcome, 11 AM - Keynote Speaker: Dr. Andrew Jolivétte, 12 PM - Celebrity Chef JP Cooking Demo, 1 PM - Conference Sessions, 2 PM - Functional Round Tables, 3 PM - Vinyl Virtual Hour

California Council of Cultural Centers in Higher Education

a network of social justice educators & practitioners